Welcome to The club !

We are glad that you have joined us to enjoy the beautiful game.

To be part of our soccer club, every potential member must read and understand the club rules and agree to follow them to be accepted.

These are the club rules :
- No slide tackle
- No aggressive behavior
- No fighting, disrespecting players, the ref, or anyone involved in the club. (You will get a warning for first offense (depending on severity of the offense). Second  offense you will be removed from the group).
- Do not be a no show. (If you reserve a spot or spots to play but do not show up, you will   be asked to pay the fee regardless. If you do not want to pay the fee, you will be asked to pay upfront the next time that         you want to play. (Everyone gets a one chance credit with us. We will take your word to reserve spots to play. (Do not    lose   your credibility).

- If you reserve spots for your guests, you are the only one responsible to pay for the fee of all the spots reserved.
- If you need to cancel your rsvp or change your attendance, notify us at least 4 hours before the game starts.

- Do not try to recruit people from my group to go play somewhere else. (You will be automatically removed from the group   if you get caught recruiting people).
​- Keep in touch with the group. The best way to communicate with me is contacting me at 516 3439026

- You will receive email from us via meetup, hugo@thesoccerteam.com, remind.com and text messages sometimes.

- In this group, everyone gets a chance to play therefore there will be days where everyone will have to sub for at least 5 minutes. This is also to give players a break and a chance to hydrate.

​- Everyone will have to play goalie once a while. (If the team does not have a goalie, everyone will have to play goalie and rotate every 5 minutes

- The club will take pictures and videos that will be used for advertising and commercial purposes

- No cleats are allowed during league games
- Turf shoes and shinguard are recommended

- Always play safe. We also have ladies that play together with men and we allow ladies to play freely and equal as men so   please do not play rough.
- No alcoholic drinks are allowed during our games at all

- No marketing or trying to sell your products in our club or during our games. If you want to sell something or offer a product or service, you must get approval from the club first.

- You must be 18 years old or older to play. If under 18 years old, you will need a waiver signed by your parents.

- You must sign our waiver to play. Please request for one before you get in the field.
- There are no refunds

Game rules:

- No slide tackle

- No pulling, pushing or using elbows

- We do not play offsides (Unless notified before the game)

- Free kicks an be direct or indirect (Referee will dictate)

- Players can pass the ball to own goalkeeper but goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands
- Yellow card takes you out for 2 minutes (None can come in to replace you and your team will play a man down)

- Red card takes you out of the entire game (Your team will play a man down the rest of the game.

Games schedule:
- We will have our games as scheduled unless you are notified by the club

- We play pickup games and league games year round and if a game has 12 or less people signed up, contact the  organizer to confirm that the games is still happening

- We do not play league games during major holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years week.

The only time we can play during holiday weeks is if both teams who are playing against each other mutually agree on    playing during that week and if the field is available.

- Weather alert ! The club will notify you via email, text message and an updated post in our website if the game is canceled due to severe weather. Severe weather includes heavy rain, heavy snow, extreme heat, etc.

Facilities closing notice:

- Sometimes unexpected things happen where we, the club or the facilities do not have control over and the games get cancelled. For example, if the facility is closes for some reason, flooding, light shortage, etc, on the day of our game, the club will let you know as soon as possible.

Referee calls:

- The main responsibility of the referee in our group is everyone's safety. If the ref makes a call, do not challenge him or    disrespect him

Indoor Facilities Rules:

The following rules come from the facilities where we play:
- No fighting, threatening or hitting is allowed at all

- No drinking or smoking on grounds

- No damaging private property

* These facilities have security cameras and everything will be recorded. If you break any of their policies, you will be asked   to leave immediately. And if you do not comply, they will call the police. (Facility policy).

Waiver and liability:

Soccer is a contact sport and accidents or death can occur. By joining our group you agree that:

1. You are aware that accidents or death can occur

2. You are healthy enough to play soccer

3. The club, its members, organizers and facility owners are not responsible or liable if an accident happens to you.

If you agree, please enter your email address and type " I agree" in the form  below:
(Also, go back to your meetup profile and complete the questions).

Remember: All these rules are set in place for everyone's safety.